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Mobile Home Park Sales

Multi-Family Innovations. We Make Selling, Purchasing & Managing Mobile Home Communities and RV Parks More Profitable and… Less Stressful.

    • Maximize Cash Flow
    • Systematize Management
    • Increase Equity
    • Sell for More

What we do:


Represent RV Parks to Investors

With our extensive network of investors, we proudly represent RV Parks, showcasing their value and investment potential. Through our strategic marketing and connections, we attract qualified buyers who are eager to invest in these lucrative properties.


Prepare RV Parks for Aqcuisitions

Implement systems that will transform your community into a “Turn-Key” operation which is more valuable and enticing to investors at sale.


Represent Buyers from Our Network of Investors

We also represent buyers. Whether you have multiple properties and are building a portfolio or you are just getting started we can help you make sure your investment is sound.


Property Management & Consulting

Our comprehensive property management and consulting service for RV Park owners is tailored to optimize profitability and operational efficiency. With our expertise in tenant relations, maintenance, and revenue enhancement strategies, we empower you to unleash the full potential of your RV Park investment.

What we do & why you should choose us

MFI is industry recognized for its expertise in representing and managing mobile communities. Proper preparation of your RV Park for sale affects your leverage when negotiating.

Choose Multi-Family Innovations because our compensation structures are designed to align with your interests. We only succeed when you do, creating a powerful incentive to maximize your property’s value. Our commitment to your success means we work tirelessly to achieve your goals. Trust us to be your dedicated partner in success.

Market Expertise

Our market expertise is multifaceted and draws from our experience selling, buying, and managing communities. 

Accurate Market Analysis & Valuation

Expect that when we analyze a deal or value your community it will be the most accurate valuation possible. If the numbers aren’t what you are looking for, we can help you make the changes that will give you the best position when selling.

Access Mobile & RV Park Listings

Get access to our private list of RV Parks For Sale. Follow the link below to fill out a quick form and view the properties.

Sell your RV Park. We help Owner-Operators get the most out of their RV Park Sale.

Contact us directly to inquire about how we help RV Park Owners get ready for sale and position their Park for the best return possible. Whether you are ready to sell now or you are looking for help preparing for the future, we have the experience and expertise to get it done right the first time.

How to prepare an RV Park for sale.

When preparing to sell an RV park and aiming to secure the highest possible amount, it’s essential to ensure that your property is in its best possible condition and that all necessary documentation and preparations are in place. Here is a comprehensive list of key areas to focus on, along with their definitions and tips for improvement:


1. Property Maintenance and Upgrades:

Definition: This refers to the overall condition of the RV park, including its facilities, infrastructure, landscaping, and amenities.

Tips: Repair any structural damages, improve curb appeal, upgrade amenities (such as swimming pools, playgrounds, or picnic areas), and ensure that all facilities are well-maintained and functioning optimally.


2. Financial Documentation:

Definition: Comprehensive and accurate financial records that demonstrate the financial performance and potential of the RV park.

Tips: Prepare financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Organize tax returns, rental agreements, and utility cost records. Consider hiring a professional accountant to ensure accuracy.


3. Occupancy and Revenue:

Definition: The current occupancy rate and revenue generation of the RV park.

Tips: Implement effective marketing strategies to increase occupancy. Consider offering promotions, improving online presence, and maintaining positive customer reviews. Maximize revenue by optimizing rental rates and exploring additional income sources (such as vending machines or laundry facilities).


4. Permits and Compliance:

Definition: Ensuring that all necessary permits, licenses, and compliance requirements are met.

Tips: Review local regulations and obtain any required permits or licenses. Ensure compliance with zoning, health, safety, and environmental regulations. Rectify any outstanding violations or issues


5. Staffing and Management:

Definition: The efficiency and competency of your RV park management team.

Tips: Evaluate your staff’s performance and address any shortcomings. Ensure that management is organized and responsive to tenant needs. Consider outsourcing management if necessary or if it enhances the property’s value.


6. Marketing and Branding:

Definition: The promotion and branding efforts to attract potential buyers and enhance the RV park’s reputation.

Tips: Invest in professional signage, create an appealing website, utilize online marketing channels, and highlight unique selling points. Develop a strong brand identity that showcases the park’s strengths and target market.


7. Environmental Factors:

Definition: Assessing and addressing any environmental considerations related to the RV park.

Tips: Conduct an environmental assessment to identify and mitigate any potential environmental issues. Ensure compliance with waste management, water conservation, and energy efficiency practices. Showcase any eco-friendly initiatives.


8. Legal and Financial Consultation:

Definition: Seek professional advice from lawyers and financial consultants specialized in real estate transactions.

Tips: Engage experienced professionals who can guide you through legal aspects, contracts, and financial negotiations. They will help you maximize the value of your RV park and protect your interests.

Remember that each RV park may have unique aspects to consider, so tailor this list according to your specific property and seek professional assistance when necessary. And of course… we are available to help!

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Multi-Family Innovations has a proven track record of success in selling mobile home communities. Our experienced team of real estate professionals ensures a smooth transaction and maximum returns on investment for our clients.


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